Sweaty Feet

Most of us have probably experienced sweaty feet at one time or another. Perspiration is a normal response to exercise or heat, so you might have noticed that your feet were sweaty after an intense workout or a long hot day in socks and shoes. But for some people, excessive sweating can be a constant problem with or without those triggers. This excessive sweating is a condition known as bromhidrosis.

Bromhidrosis can be characterised by excessive sweating of the feet, palms or armpits. For many sufferers bromhidrosis can severely impact daily life, causing them to avoid social situations and even very light exercise such as walking. It can affect men and women of all ages, but is generally seen more frequently in men and younger people.

Is it serious?

The main symptom of bromhidrosis is excessive sweating and the embarrassment or upset that this can bring. However, in some cases the presence of excess sweat can lead to problems like skin infections, athlete’s foot or blisters.

It is estimated that a small number of people who experience persistent excessive sweating suffer from a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, where overactive sweat glands produce around five times more perspiration than the actually body needs. This is thought to be caused by overactive sweat glands responding to physical, emotional or mental stress. Hyperhidrosis is much more debilitating than bromhidrosis and only affects around 1% of people who suffer excessive sweating.

How can I prevent foot odour?

While bromidrosis can be a very upsetting condition for its sufferers it can be easily treatable, and just a few simple steps will help to reduce or even remove the symptoms of excessive sweating.

Good hygiene is essential to help reduce the effects of bromhidrosis. You should wash your feet regularly with soap and dry them carefully, especially between your toes. Once your feet are dry, apply Trust and continue with your day as normal. Unlike other foot creams or powders Trust tackles the bacteria which create foot odour, fighting the cause of the problem rather than its symptoms. Trust will provide protection for between 3 and 6 days, even after showering, and leave you free to enjoy your daily life - through exercise and hot weather – without worrying about body odour.

Should I seek medical help?

A combination of good foot hygiene and Trust should dramatically improve the symptoms of the condition. However, if Trust does not reduce your symptoms and the condition doesn’t improve within two to three weeks it may be a good idea to see a podiatrist or a GP to check that there are no underlying health concerns. There are some rare conditions that have similar symptoms to bromhidrosis, and a specialist will be able to test for these.

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