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Trust for Feet (15g)

Trust for Feet (15g)


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Based on years of research, a formula was developed which dealt directly with the cause of our body odour - the bacteria itself - rather than masking the smell as with ordinary deodorants. Trust reduces the effect of bacteria and thus eliminates the odour for several days. Protection can last between 3 and 6 days, depending upon the individual.

Apply Trust to your feet just once every few days and enjoy all your usual activities, including sports, remaining free of disturbing foot odour.

Trust can be used in all conditions, such as in hot and humid or dry weather. It is suitable for everyone as it does not contain harsh chemicals, and will not irritate the skin. Trust remains effective even after showering.

Buy TRUST for yourself or for your loved ones.


Mr K.M, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire

"I have suffered all of my life with foot odour. I have tried every sort of foot powder, cream and surgical spirit to no avail. Then I discovered Trust. I read about it in a magazine, bought a pot and have never looked back. I can now even take my shoes off in public and now get no more moans from the wife. I must thank you for a great product."

Mrs P.P, Barry, Glamorgan
"I am writing on behalf of my son, who since being a teenager has suffered from extreme foot perspiration. I recently discovered Trust, which he uses about every six days. His feet no longer smell, his socks are no longer hard and yellow with perspiration and best of all he doesn't feel embarrassed in company. Thank you again for a wonderful product."

Mrs L.O, Putney, London
"What a wonderful product. We were completely amazed at how it worked after trying so many other products. It was wonderful - at last we found something that really worked for my son, who as long as I can remember has suffered with foot odour."