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Trust for Underarm (15g)

Trust for Underarm (15g)


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Based on years of research, a formula was developed which dealt directly with the cause of our body odour - the bacteria itself - rather than masking the smell as with ordinary deodorants. Trust reduces the effect of bacteria and thus eliminates the odour for several days. Protection can last between 3 and 6 days, depending upon the individual.

Apply Trust to your underarm just once every few days and enjoy all your usual activities, including sports, remaining free of disturbing odour.

Trust can be used in all conditions, such as in hot and humid or dry weather. It is suitable for everyone as it does not contain harsh chemicals, and will not irritate the skin. Trust remains effective even after showering.

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Mrs L.P, London

"I must write and tell you how much I appreciate your anti-odorant product Trust - it is extraordinarily effective. If I say it solves my "body freshness problems" remarkably easily, I shall sound like an advertisement, but this is in fact what it does. As one gets older, such problems do, for some people, increase. I am overweight, which is an additional factor. So Trust has appeared for me at just the right time, and with the extra bonus of being "natural" and herbal-based.
P.S. The packaging is very good. The price is right because it lasts for ages and one needs an absolutely minute amount (which does truly; last for days, even through washes and baths). It's excellent for travelling because there's no bulky heavy aerosol to carry around."

Mr W.C, Colwyn Bay, North Wales
"I purchased Trust anti-odorant a few weeks ago and it's been brilliant! - does exactly what it says on the tin. Great value for money too, compared with buying endless cans of deodorant spray (which, quite frankly are a joke compared to this stuff). Thank you for helping me."

K.R, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire
"I am very pleased to tell you that your product Trust has worked well for me. It is effective for up to six days before I have to re-apply. I have found my old confidence back now I don't have to worry about body odour. Thank you for your wonderful product. I shall certainly tell my friends about Trust."